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Soul Body Massage

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An Ultimate • Body • Mind • Spirit •Transformation

A different kind of massage, a process blending Bodywork, Energy Work and Resolve to focus and reveal the roots of any hidden fear.

A simple alchemical process that easily dissolves the masks of fear that show up as pain, stress anxiety, confusion & emotional imbalance and transforms them into Personal Wisdom & Truth.

Step 1 - A 15 minute phone consultation at 651-338-9813 to become acquainted and explore your desired outcome. Then, if it resonates schedule at 651-480-8244.

Step 2 - Set your resolves, relax and receive the goodness of massage and energy work as together we dissolve the mask of fear to reveal your Personal Wisdom and Truth.

How it came to be

In 2000, after 32 years in a nursing career, Jeanne made the change to massage therapy. Little did she know the alchemical process she was about to undergo. The change affected every aspect of her life. It unearthed all kinds of fears, anxiety, confusion, emotion, stress and pain. With each step of the alchemical process Jeanne began developing the SoulBody Massage. In 2004, the SoulBody Network and now is helping countless people reveal acknowledge and dissolve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fears through SoulBody Massage

Ninety Minute Process • $120

Call soon before limited appointments are filled.