Massage & Spa Packages

Give yourself a very special day.

We can also offer you a custom package of combinations that you wish.

Just ask for what you want.

PETITE MASSAGE & SPA PACKAGE                      

Thirty Minute Session of Massage or Enhanced Massage with your choice of one of these:

Vichy Spa Shower

Hot Stone Vichy Spa Shower

Invigorating Drum Spa

Back Salt Scrub With Vichy Shower

Hair Shampoo With Vichy Shower

Relaxing Facial Mask

And Enjoy A $5 Discount


Sixty Minute of Massage or Enhanced Massage with your choice of one of these:

Body Clay Mask

Essential Body Wrap

Body Salt Scrub

Taste Of Everything

Rejuvenating Face Mask

And Enjoy A $10 Discount    


Purchase Seven Massages Receive Your  Eighth Massage Free

Thirty Minutes $245

Sixty Minutes    $455

Ninety Minutes $665

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Spa Day Experiences

A Spa Day for yourself can be such an opportunity to recharge yourself. It can even feel like a short vacation, when you don't have time to get away.

Refreshing Spa Day

Blends an Hour of Massage, a Relaxing Face Mask, Infrared Sauna Session, and a refreshing Vichy Spa Shower (Approx. 3 Hours) $145

Grande Rejuvenating Spa Day

Beginning with an Infrared Sauna Session, then a Relaxing Facie Mask, pause for a delicious light lunch and then enjoy your Choice of Grande Spa Experience (Body Clay Mask, Essential Body Wrap, Body Salt Scrub, Taste Of Everything or Ayurvedic Spa Experience, each Spa session include a soothing Vichy Spa Shower and finish with a nurturing Hour of Massage. (Approx. 4 Hours) $225                                        

Happy Feet Spa

Your feet smile as they slip into luscious Floral Foot Soak and then delight as they are smoothly cleansed by a Foot Salt Scrub and believe they went to Heaven during a Feet First Session with hot stones and towels and deeply satisfying Foot Massage. (One Hour) $ 75

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